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(Management Level)

Are you a therapist that enjoys the next level of challenge? Does managing your own facility or for someone else interest you? By now you know that MLD Certification has opened the door to a whole new world, but stepping into a management position requires another set of skills above and beyond providing treatment.

You are responsible for setting up the MLD program, marketing, measuring  and ordering of custom made garments and orthotics and being resource ready.  In addition to carrying products you must know how to work with the most complicated cases to ensure program success. This is why MLD Institute now shares the secrets to success employed at the LTS Clinic in its Master’s Program.

**Must be MLD Institute Certified to be eligible for the program.



Course #





501 20-331845 14 Advanced European Bandaging Certification Learn the European techniques of compression bandaging used in Clinics of Lymphology.  Understand what tools to select from: Compression wrapping, surgical foam, specialty items and applications of compression for a diverse population is done in this 80% hands on class. Day one is devoted to upper extremity and torso while day two focuses on lower extremity and hips and abdomen. $500*Compression Bandaging Kit is included!
502 20-387111 6 Advanced Surgery Observation (Number of patients and surgery options vary by the day). As there is a waiting list, we can not accommodate requests to see specific surgeries though every attempt will be made for you to have variety. *Surgery cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled with the attendee. Learn with one of our top surgeons at either our Boca or Tampa surgical sites. You will scrub up and enter the world of surgery for a first hand view at plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures. You will be required to sign a waiver at the site and be asked to wear tennis shoes or covered shoes. You will be given a surgical mask and be able to stand just feet away from the patient during surgery. $500by appointment only


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