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MLD 6-Day Certification & Specialty Courses (Vodder Style)
NCBTMB #450512-07 & FL CE Broker Approved #50-5201
*Courses may be taken individually. Completion of all 6 is required within 2 years for certification.
**MLD Institute’s program is an MLD Certification Course, not a Lymphedema Course
***Credits from other MLD Programs are non transferable

About MLD Institute’s Associate/Bachelor’s Level Program:

MLD Institute was birthed in the LTS Clinic of Ft. Lauderdale in response to the many that came seeking employment.

This MLD Certification course has a practical focus designed to create a well-rounded MLD Therapist prepared for the fast paced clinical setting.  The LTS Clinic enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the medical community, insurance companies and patients for years. We know this is your desire too.

Here is a checklist of what MLD Certified therapists need to know to begin:

  •  MLD sequences for a variety of conditions.
  • Timely sequences appropriate for the clinical setting and billing.
  • Understanding of MLD’s use in the American healthcare system.
  • Relevant research & resources for clients/patients.
  • Medical terminology & standardized abbreviations.
  • Measuring protocols of basic medical grade compression garments.
  • Clinical Documentation (from the LTS Clinic used for billing).
  • Time & Cost effective bandaging protocols for the client/patient and the facility.
  • Proper positioning for delivery of MLD for special populations.
  • Donning & doffing strategies that are safe and cost effective.
  • Pt./Client compliance tools and strategies.
  • Marketing tips that are cost saving to your facility and program.
  • Medical Fraud Prevention (Provided in conjunction with the FBI).

Who Should Take This Course and CEU’s:

Healthcare professionals with a desire to utilize Manual Lymph Drainage for their facility or practice are welcome to attend. Keep in mind, this is the same program taught on college campuses, and the level of the material is at an Associate/Bachelor’s level. If you desire a conservative pace, do consider our in-house training program which offers smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction.

The MLD Institute provides FL CE Broker Approved CEU’s to multiple healthcare professions and is an NCBTMB Approved Provider.

As with all Continuing Education courses, it is recommended participants check with their state and national organizations prior to registration. Once a course has been taken, no refund will be issued. Do understand that CEU requirements change frequently with each profession and each state.


Lymphedema Treatment Services (LTS) Clinic did insurance billing. Time does not allow coverage of insurance billing within the MLD Certification course. However, documentation used at the clinic for billing and designed with the help of major insurance companies will be given in the 104-105 classes. Remember, reimbursements fluctuate as do the rules with insurance companies. If you are not currently billing, we recommend taking a billing course to be current and up to date regarding insurance in your state.

Course Descriptions:

As opportunities for MLD continue to grow, the Institute updates courses regularly with the help of industry leaders and the Advisory Board. Therefore, completion of all 6 courses within 2 years is required for your successful certification.  While updates are made, the structure of each course remains.

Each course includes 7 pillars:

1.     Anatomy & Physiology
2.     Core Competency (MLD Lab)
3.     Self Care of the Client/Pt. (HEP, Donning & Doffing Techniques and More)
4.     Assessment Tools
5.     Research & Resources
6.     Clinical Documentation
7.     Case Studies & Outcomes

Florida CE Broker Board Approved: #50-5201: LMT, Acupuncture, Certified Nursing Assistant, Cosmetology, OT/A

NCBTMB: #450512-07

Mississippi: #101

Louisiana: #LAP0170


LevelCE BrokerCourse TitleDescription# CE'sPre-Req
10120-63974Foundations of MLD- Tour USAFrom the LTS Clinic of Florida to you, this comprehensive "must have" course introduces professionals to America's most requested Vodder-style MLD and its historic spread to the U.S. through Robert Lerner, M.D. Examine Lymphatic System A & P in a fun, interactive format. Then, explore pathophysiology and know the indications and contraindications of MLD. Enjoy learning a hands on, full body basic MLD sequence and time & cost efficient assessments. Conclude the tour with an introduction to compression garments & Lymphosize lab experiencing the daily self care of patients/clients. 13None
10220-88033Hollywood Med-Spa Style Body Lymphlift (Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery)From the elite Med Spas of Europe to America's Cosmetic Surgery offices, Vodder-style MLD has become the 4th most requested modality. For health and beauty, MLD is a natural approach to shedding excess fluid weight, cellulite minimization and optimum immune health. Experience a full body pre-op lymphlift and discover the benefits of MLD for reducing edema, bruises, pain & scar tissue for cosmetic surgery clients. Then, learn about America's contribution to compression wear that changed the industry forever for fashionable post-op recovery.7None
10320-88142 FL Board of Cosmo # 500178 Provider 5706Lymphlift of the Head, Neck & FaceCelebrated in Europe and now a global sensation, Vodder MLD of the head, neck & face releases the Fountain of Youth Within for health & beauty. MLD offers a gentle approach for delicate clients suffering with rosacea, acne, eczema, stroke, nerve paralysis, allergies yet compliments facials, surgery and procedures performed without by utilizing the fountain of youth within. Attendees learn both the add on and full Lymphlift on the menu of high end Medical Facilities, Hospice & Spas. *Research article included.7None
10420-116764Mommy & Me MLDThis upper level course explores the lymphodynamics of pregnancy. Learn how and why MLD offers edema mgt. for "barefoot & pregnant" while addressing mother's stress, stretch marks and constipation. In addition, discover the benefits of MLD to shed excess fluid weight and promote healing for both vaginal and C-section's post-delivery. Then learn why physicians have recommend MLD's conservative approach for common childhood illnesses, conditions and autoimmune issues in Europe for a century. Begin learning how to document your pt./client's progress with assessments used in our LTS clinic.7101-103
*Pregnancy protocol is also used on obese, joint replacements and clients unable to lie in the prone position.
10520-116802MLD Surgery & ScarsEuropean athletes have known the benefits of MLD for peak performance and optimum recovery from. Sports, not only requires MLD delivery, but excellent documentation, standardized measuring skills for compression garments, precision bandaging and knowledge of post-recovery lymphosize covered in the Advanced Level Course. *Assessment form from LTS Clinic included.7101-103
10620-116838Sensory Integrated MLD for Pain Mgt., Palliative Care (Hospice)*Hands on & Written Exam For Certification AdministeredIt is recommended, MLD be performed in a "spa-like" setting, especially when working in pain mgt., palliative care & hospice. Understand why this approach best serves these populations utilizing research from foremost leaders in color, sound and aromatherapy (Debroah Sharpe, Ph.d, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.). Learn the budget friendly sensory integrated approach used at the LTS clinic that was complimented by the insurance companies and Department of Health to customize every session and your office for a complete package Dr. Vodder would be proud of.7101-103
20-130898Holistic MLDTaking all 6 days in consecutive order in a one week format.48None
6-Day Certification

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